Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover creates interior decor and noise reduction at the same time. Enjoy quiet nights sleeping and the warmth of POLYURESTONE wall panels provide energy savings too. As seen on HGTV video found on the home page featuring Polyurestone wall covering decorative stone wall panels. The FIX HGTV episode called FUN HOUSE as seen on The FIX HGTV show starring Jay Purvis and Neil Davies. HGTV features Polyurestone decorative wall panels as the key component in the design by Lisa Kaffenbaum. View the video and you will see how easy Polyurestone wall panels are to install on your bedroom walls. Polyurestone wall panels look fabulous creating artificial stone surfaces and providing accent texture and warmth in your bedroom. Polyurestone architectural stone wall panels create the look of natural stone with artificial faux stone and at the same time the decorative wall panels provide acoustical sound barrier for your bedroom. GREEN BUILT Polyurestone artificial stone decorative wall panels give your room added insulation value and keep unwanted noises in and out of the room. Let Polyurestone wall covering surprise you in your bedroom application; the wall panels provide you a quiet sleep free from loud noises through adding sound absorption and creating an acoustical sound barrier within your room. Adding warmth to your bedroom creating unique style with your Polyurestone decorative wall panels will make you feel comfortable and provide long soothing nights of deep enjoyable sleeping. Save time and money as they may be installed with one day. Notice the artificial stone details in the wall panels as they appear soothing on your wall covering when you provide proper down-lighting to wash your Polyurestone wall panels. Hang your favourite artwork or photographs on your Polyurestone wall panels by screwing the picture hangers directly through your decorative panels quick and easy!


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