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Cleaning the Panels:

Polyurestone panels are created using extremely high quality oxide coatings that are mildew resistant. Do not sandblast the surface, as it will deteriorate the polyurethane. Just soap and water are all you need to clean Polyurestone panels. To enable a good surface cleaning, recommended water sources would be a garden hose or power washer with less than 1000 PSI.

CAUTION AVOID: Harsh acids, bleach, chemicals and detergents may be detrimental to Polyurestone panels, as they will breakdown and damage the polyurethane. If treating stains, or graffiti, we recommend that the area be treated using our touch-up kits and paints.

For exterior applications, if your installation is not complete and you do not intend to return to finish in less than 72 hours, be sure to rinse and clean all residual polyurethane dust off all the Polyurestone Design Panels. Note: Raw exposed polyurethane dust may leave stains on the surface of panels and accessories if exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time.