With the beauty of stone, rock, and brick without the increased costs and the need to use a mason. Decorative stone wall panels made from durable rigid composite materials provide an innovative way of cladding exterior and interior walls. They are lightweight, easy to install and require easy maintenance. Polyurestone decorative faux stone wall panels will create unique wall textures and style to your design.


Economical and Lightweight

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels are extremely cost effective. Cost savings on installation and labour often exceeds the actual costs of the wall covering decorative panels. Faux stone wall panels weigh less than 1 pound per square foot and each wall covering panel covers several square feet in area. Large areas with hundreds of square feet of wall covering may be installed within hours. Installation of decorative panels are fast and easy at a fraction of the cost of traditional masonry products making the wall panels system very affordable.

Shipping costs of decorative panels are extremely economical due to the lightweight nature of the unique wall panels. Polyurestone artificial stone wall panels are green built and recycable. This along with the recyclable cardboard used for packaging the artificial stone wall covering decorative panels helps our environment.


Polyurestone faux stone wall panels are lightweight artificial decorative stone panels suitable for use on both exterior veneer and interior decorative applications. Let us help you transform the look of your wall surfaces. Renovations made easy as 1, 2, 3. Use as exterior veneer wall covering. The versatility of our design panels includes residential, commercial, retail and industrial installations creating with endless possibilities. Renovations are made fun, simple and easy allowing you to dramatically change the look of your wall façade. Commercial wall covering installations are used for renovations with little or no business interruption, saving you time and money.

Residential installations allow you to change the look of your wall covering using artificial decorative panels surfaces over a weekend. Use your imagination to create unique wall panels design. Polyurestone panels are acoustically friendly, absorbing sound and buffering noise making the decorative panels ideal for various wall covering applications that require attention to comfortable sound atmosphere. Polyurestone designs unique artificial stone wall covering decorative panels. Polyurestone is Changing The Way You Build(TM) offering you endless possibilities.

Energy Saving

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels are strong and visually appealing on any wall covering surface. Polyurestone artificial stone decorative panels offer very significant insulation properties that are unavailable with traditional masonry or siding products, Polyurestone wall panels have an Insulation R-Value of 4.9 per inch of thickness of each wall panel, making them energy efficient and cost saving insulation wall covering decorative panels for any building installation. Polyurestone wall panels average thickness is 1.5 inches.

Polyurestone designs unique artificial stone wall covering decorative panels

Realistic and Fast

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels are all made with multiple distinct stone arrangements, each stone is unique and never duplicated making the designs look real. Polyurestone decorative panels feature an effective overlapping shiplap edge formed into a ‘Z’ shape design with horizontal joints that are interconnected through concealed chamfered edges. The unique combination of these features creates a natural seamless look and a very durable bond to any flat wall covering surface. Polyurestone designs unique artificial stone wall covering decorative panels.

Easy to Install

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels are installed easily with standard woodworking tools (cut with a standard skill saw, trim with sharp knife and attach with polyurethane adhesives and metal screws). The basic rule of thumb is always “Measure Twice – Cut Once”. Polyurestone decorative panels attach directly to wood, concrete, brick, steel, stucco or any flat substrate for easy installation. Large areas may be covered completely in a few hours saving you time and money. Polyurestone designs unique artificial stone wall covering decorative panels.

Low Maintenance

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels currently available in several unique artificial decorative stone panels and panel styles including Stacked Stone, Ledge Stone, Slate, Brick, Sandstone and River Rock with new innovative styles constantly in development. Each panel comes in different hues creating unique stone wall panels and wall covering design panel styles. Polyurestone designs unique artificial stone wall covering decorative panels. All our wall panels are easy to maintain using simply sponge down using soap and water. You may wash using a standard garden hose with low pressure.

Custom Design Program

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels will create special order wall panels design with the same durable qualities as our current unique wall covering decorative panels and designs. We may provide custom colouring of our current wall covering panel styles or create new and unique wall panels to meet your design requirements. Please ask a Polyurestone representative for details and requirements. Polyurestone designs unique artificial stone wall covering decorative panels.

Durable and Fun

Polyurestone faux stone wall panels use state of the art polyurethane chemistry combining UV stabilizers, scratch resistant agents and additives to enhance the wall covering texture and feel of all wall panels surface. Most importantly we use special pigments and additives that are applied to the wall panels surface adding durability and longevity to the wall covering decorative panels surface. Polyurestone artificial stone technology allows us to produce an incredibly strong lightweight faux wall panel product. Polyurestone faux stone wall panels will resist blunt trauma such as baseballs, footballs, tires and hockey pucks. Polyurestone artificial stone wall covering decorative panels are 100% inert, non-toxic, non-gaseous and odour free. Our panels are fun to install like playing with LEGO and as easy as 1,2,3… to install.

Design Newport Brick Style

Interior Decor and Exterior Siding

Polyurestone Manufactured faux stone wall panels, also known as “faux stone” or “decorative stone veneer” is the perfect cladding material used widely on all types of exterior applications for both residential and commercial projects. House facades, stone skirting and stone wainscoting, exterior accent faux stone walls, door and window trimming, bay window treatments, posts and pillars, columns, fences, garden walls, outdoor living spaces, outdoor patios, outdoor fireplace facing, exterior kitchens and gazebos, interior living rooms, dining rooms, basements, feature walls, entrance hallways, foyers, counters, video walls are just of few examples of places where customers have used POLYURESTONE decorative panels to enhance the design aesthetics of their spaces.

Outdoor living spaces are ideal venues for entertaining, allowing you to expand the functional area of your home or office and manufactured stone veneers from POLYURESTONE make it easy for you to create unique designs to enhance the spaces you enjoy everyday. Exterior stone has become an integral part of the design of many buildings being constructed today. Stone design fits both formal and informal spaces while enhancing both the beauty and character of your spaces.

POLYURESTONE wall panels offer you the desired look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the price with numerous additional benefits, such as substantially reduced labour costs with applications of large are being installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install natural and cultured stone. Our panels may be installed to any wall types without the need for special structural reinforcements in your floors or foundations. POLYURESTONE panels are very durable as well as resistant to low temperatures and moisture.

Available in attractive styles and earth tone hues, decorative stone veneers create great flexibility and variety for builders, architects, interior designers, and DIY (do-it-yourself) customers creating original and unique stone wall designs.

Design by Polyurestone
Design by Polyurestone