Mathers Building

June 5th, 2023

It was 16 years ago we installed Polyurestone panels on the front face of our building project. They look the same today as the day they were installed. Next week, we are installing more panels on another project. I could not be more impressed with the quality and resilience of Polyurestone.


Chris Mather

Wall Looks Awesome!

January 4, 2021

Wall looks awesome. A good friend, designer Katie Hicks, did a project for school on sustainable materials and I suggested your company. She loved your products. When it came time to make our new room addition look good she came up with tying our two spaces together with Polyurestone wall panels. We went with a more modern look for something different and installed the stone vertically.


The Snooty Fox, Fredericton, NB


June 25, 2020

I would just like to thank Polyurestone for all the assistance. They provided us with a timely estimate and continued to provide updates as the Covid situation affected manufacturing and we received our product in a timely manner. The panels are of excellent quality and installation was easy and very quick. Using PL and dry wall screws made the installation solid. We are so impressed by the look and quality that friends and family can’t believe it’s not real stone. I know a lot of our family will be contacting your company for quotes.


Patrick McGilly

Boston Brick in our Bakery

April 10, 2019

Finally got to putting up the wall yesterday! Wow, what a fantastic product! To say the least, I am overwhelmed with the results! Turned out better than I could have even imagined! Looks great, and product was really easy to work with! Will definitely be using this again in future builds! For application, I used a brad nail gun with a bit of PL on the back of each panel. Worked wonders and was a quick and simple process!
Thanks for making such an awesome product! Customers already commenting how nice it looks. Only positive things to say about Polyurestone! We were looking to re-vamp one of the walls inside our bakery and they were extremely helpful right from the start with providing knowledge on product, delivery and installation. They sent me samples promptly to decide on color scheme and the order process was seamless! Product arrived quickly and nicely packed! Installation was a breeze as well! Using PL and some brad nails, the panels went up quick. End result was even better than we expected! The product looks and feels just like real brick! We will be using this product again in future builds. Thanks to Polyurestone for making such a detailed top quality product!

Alex, Owner - Bakery
Peaked Pies, Whistler, BC

Brick Installation

MAY 2, 2017

We really liked working with the product. It applied very well with adhesive and pin nails angled down and there was only a limited amount of caulking required. The 45deg cuts impressed me (with 40+ years of experience). Btw, the team is really impressed with the brick. The deep relief in the design really makes it stand out.

Philip Cohen Construction Team Leader – Chef de l`Équipe de Construction Dorval, Quebec

Polyurestone Brick Panels

April 23 2017

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our new feature brick wall! The customer service team at Polyurestone was very prompt and helpful throughout the measuring and ordering process. We’re super impressed with the look of the product. Most people can’t believe it’s faux brick. It was also very easy to cut and install. We even cut around two power outlets with no problems. The interlocking panels look completely seamless after caulking. Overall a FANTASTIC experience and we’d recommend the company and product to anyone! Paige and Adrian

Paige & Adrian


March 15, 2017

I recently installed Polyurestone Newport Brick panels for exterior application and absolutely enjoyed the easy installation process. The results look real! Also used the Franklin Ledge Stone panels on the fireplace for interior application and it makes the whole room look better.

Sequence Productions, Music for Film & TV


March 2016

We have been using Polyurestone’s Newport Brick on a variety of jobs over the last year and are extremely pleased with the product. They are very consistent in size and color. The panels are light but rigid which makes them easy to cut and install. The finished look is natural and dupilcates real bricks in an authentic way. Our customers have definitely been pleased. I would not hesitate in recommending this product.


Accent Wall

May 2015

I undertook the project with limited carpentry or home improvement skills and was able to complete it by myself in a couple days thanks to the ease of working with Polyurestone panels. The panels are very easy to work with for installing. I have showed the panels to a number of friends who may be contacting you. I’m also going to post my finished photos on Facebook and name the product since they really are a wonderful addition to rooms in need of accent walls. This is exactly what I envisioned. I am officially a fan of Polyurestone and thanks so much for your assistance and willingness to answer any questions along the way.


Entertainment Room

Feb 2014

“After seeing the Polyurestone panels on the CBC Olympic Studios in Sochi I was intrigued and just had to use them creating my video feature wall at home and it turned out exactly as we planned.”

Christine R

Christine R


July 2013

“Polyurestone is my favourite stone veneer wall panels. It is super durable and lightweight, which means a much faster and easier installation process. Equally as impressive is how it changes a space and looks fantastic in any room. I get so many positive compliments from clients who love the look and the warmth it brings. I highly recommend Polyurestone for both the do-it-yourselfer and contractors looking for instant gratification.” Lisa Kaffenbaum

Lisa Kaffenbaum
Koffeetree Art & Design


May 2013

“This is as close to a natural rock product as one can buy. It is incredibly easy to install, very appealing and accents any room perfectly. Itis a wounderful addition to our cottage and the compliments we have gotten are endless.”

Pat & Mark


October 2011

We enjoyed using Polyurestone, this product is great, It was extremely lightweight, esy to work with and easy to install. It looks fantastic. We have received so many great comments on the wall that we are planning to getting more walls done!
Gloss FX Hair Studio

Gloss FX Hair Studio

Commercial Store Renovations

Exterior & Interior 2010

With great success we have completed two jobs both exterior and interior using Polyurestone’s unique wall panels system. Its ease of installation and dramatic effect has provided a distinct style for our locations. The added benefits of us using Polyurestone wall panels were the cost savings on the installation as well as the savings in time to complete our projects.
The Polyurestone team worked with our onsite contractors providing the necessary support making the installation process efficient. We greatly appreciate the time spent to meet our deadlines.
We are very satisified with the end result and would like to extend our thanks to the entire team at Polyurestone.
Sincerely, Ian McLean

Ian McLean

Interiors by Stephanie

December 21, 2009

Residential Fireplace

Having never used Polyurestone decorative wall panels before, I’m thrilled with how the product looks and more importantly my client is REALLY happy with the results. The 4′ wall panels are very lightweight and simple to install. The service was quick, knowledgeable and personal to deal with as I was short one box and it quickly arrived to finish off our project. The results are stunning! It was a four column fireplace visible by all rooms leading off the living room. The previous design was not much to look at and now that the Polyurestone wall panels are up, the overall wall covering look and feel of the room is dramatically changed for the better. It cut down on the echo in the room, provides R-value and the look of the “Athabasca ledge stone” was perfect for what we were looking for. I will definitely recommend this product to future clients.
All the best and continued success for the company and the people that work for Polyurestone! Thanks again for making my job easier.

Kind regards, Stephanie

Stephanie Gouthro
Interior Decorator

SPAGO Men’s Clothiers

December 2008

The feature wall covering decorative panels were installed in a few hours one day on a very tight time schedule to get open before the christmas rush. The Polyurestone wall panels enhance the design and provide a unique ambience for the customers. We would definitely use the decorative panels again on future store locations.
Gino, Co-owner



November 4, 2008

Award Winner: Best Restaurant Patio
I was looking for a quick and easy solution for the renovation of our roof top patio and found that Polyurestone wall panels not only looks fantastic but it only took one day to install allowing us to open the patio with almost no downtime. I definitely would recommend this product for many different applications. We were pleased with the product and the pleasant service provided by their installers, Thanks to Polyurestone are patio looks great.
Janet, Proprietor


Home Renovation

Summer 2008

When I heard about this Polyurestone product I was skeptical. Imitation product is usually just that, but when I saw it installed, and then when we put it on our own home, the before and after effect was outstanding. And nobody has noticed that it isn’t real stone. Great wall panel product. Goes up quickly and easily, and looks real!
Chris G.

Chris G

Mathers Project

July 28, 2008

Historic Renovation:
I wanted to take the time to write and let you know how happy I am with the job that your guys did for us. The Polyurestone wall covering product looks beautiful both on the inside and outside; even better than I had hoped it would. You have taken a cool place and turned it “super-cool”. I would be more than happy to recommend Polyurestone wall panels to everyone. Thanks Chris.

Chris Mathers

Pub Concepts

October 5, 2008

We have successfully completed our forth installation using the Polyurestone wall covering decorative panels system to enhance the design of our Pub Concepts design work. From our first experience we enjoyed working with this seamless wall panel system that adds unique design texture and features to our projects.
Polyurestone panels are so lightweight and user friendly making them very quick and easy for our workers to install, and providing plenty of time saving in our design build schedule for our customers who fully appreciate this competitive advantage.
Our customers are extremely happy with the results as they are getting many compliments from their guests that enjoy the ambience created by these feature wall covering decorative panels. All of us at Pub Concepts look forward to working with the Polyurestone Team on many more exciting new design projects in the future.
Sincerely, Doug Ranch, Director

Doug Ranch
Pub Concepts Design Build

M. Storr

June 28, 2007


I set out to design and build a roof top deck with simplicity as the key feeling. I did not want to use wood for any of the main design wall covering surfaces, as the thought of high maintenance issues did not appeal to me. On my visit to the Home Show I discovered this new Polyurestone wall panels system and fell in love with it.

I immediately started to design a sophisticated outdoor lounge with the grey coloured stacked stone decorative panel.

I wanted to create the sexy look of South Beach mixed with the solid look and feel from one hundred year old cafes on the Riviera. I also needed to have my privacy on this modern roof top deck in the middle of the city. The surfaces had to be low maintenance and just the right colour. My relaxing lounge idea was beginning to come alive. The private surroundings had to be calming and relaxing. The thought of real stone was out of the question due to the heavy weight and structural complications and expense. So, I decided to use a manufactured decking system, modern furniture and the new lightweight stone wal covering panels from Polyurestone that fit perfectly with my design.

During the installation this product was so lightweight, easy to lift and easy to cut. It glues on all our flat surfaces and “VOILA” a beautiful appeal instantly created for my wall covering feature on the patio. I am so excited about this product that I plan to design more projects using some of the other stone designs.

Thank you to the Polyurestone Team



Frank Rocchetti

October 2, 2007

Tommy Hilfiger, Showrooms

On behalf of our Visual Presentation Department, I would like to thank the team at Polyurestone for their excellent service. From our first meeting they made the installation of a new stone wall in our office showroom a hassle free decision through his knowledge and enthusiasm of the product. We greatly appreciate the time and care that was taken to make the project happen quickly and efficiently. In our office we require immediate and friendly service in our fast paced environment. I would like to commend you on your ability to deliver a quote and recommend an installer in such short notice. Polyurestone took care of all the details, going beyond our expectations to organize every step of the renovation. Thanks to the courteous installers who made sure we were able to continue our daily routine in the office uninterrupted the day of installation.

With final touches the artificial stone wall covering decorative panels was finished beautifully and flawless! We are constantly getting compliments on this new addition by clients and guests! Once again, I would like to thank the team at Polyurestone for great experience and an attractive unique accent to our office.


Frank Rocchetti, Director, Visual Presentation.

Frank Rocchetti
Tommy Hilfiger, Showrooms


July 5, 2006

I have enclosed a picture of the Fireplace that I used the Brick. It was easy to use and I was very happy with the result of the decorative panels.

Sincerely, Leonard H. Omstead

Leonard H. Omstead


December 2005

The Stacked Stone looks phenomenal. It really upgraded our house and addition. We love it! The decorative panels are easy to install especially if you can use them in whole panels for the design wall panels. Unfortunately we had a lot of cutting to do. My builder is finished. I will send you pictures as soon as the project is completed.
Thank you very much for following up,
Best regards,